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Premium Ugandan vanilla

We strive to produce vanilla pods that are sustainable and ensure that our vanilla is produced under fair conditions and sold at a fair price.  

Get in touch for more information or order our vanilla pods and powder today. 

"From our farm to your shelf"


About Us

What We Do

Fairvanilla grows and produces premium vanilla pods for individuals, small or, big businesses in need of vanilla.

Our first orchid was planted in Uganda on family-owned land in 2010. Since then the plantation has continued to grow and today we have around 1200 vanilla producing orchids. We also co-operate with other vanilla farmers in order to sustain our passion and ensure that vanilla is always on your shelf. 

Growing vanilla is labour intensive, as each flower needs to be hand pollinated in order to produce the green vanilla pods, which are later turned into the black vanilla pods you know today. 

When you buy our vanilla, you will not only get a fair price, but also know that our vanilla is produced under fair condition and provides decent livelihoods for our team as well as our co-operative. 

At fairvanilla we try to reduce the number of middlemen and our prices will always reflect the effort our team puts in producing EACH pod. 

Our production and packaging facility is located in Uganda and offices in Sweden.

Learn more about what fairvanilla can offer you today by sending us an email on info@fairvanilla.com



Premium vanilla pods

Grade A and Grade B

Premium vanilla powder

Whole ground pods with seeds


News & Updates

Bjudbiljett 2020.jpg

Meet us at The Passion For Food Festival

February 28th to 1st March 2020

Fairvanilla has been hand picked to participate at The Passion For Food Festival which will take place at the Åbymässan in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here you will also find other hand picked vendor passionate about food and flavour. 

Click on the link below for more information and buy your ticket today. 



Umeå, Sweden

+46 72 044 71 75

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